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Patty B., Acupuncture

I have found Anita to be a caring acupuncturist. She has always taken her time to talk with me and learn what I need. Anita has helped relieve me of neck and back pain and given me treatments for well being. It’s been exciting to see her grow. I’m grateful for her healing touch and readily recommend her for those who need such help.

Pat, Acupuncture

I have been a patient of Anita’s for 2 years. She has given me back my life. I have struggled with depression ever since I moved to Oregon from California over 20 years ago. I have tried several psychiatrists with no help and have been on & off medication for 15 years which has helped to some degree. Anita’s method of helping me has been wonderful. Along with the acupuncture she has given me “tools” to help me get rid of the depression. At first, I was going to her every week, now I go in for a “tune up” every 2-3 months. It is so wonderful. About 1 to 2 days after a treatment I start feeling this wonderful feeling going through my whole body, but especially in my head. When I have a stressful day, I am able to handle the stress within hours instead of it bringing back any depression. The tools I mentioned are things we have created together, and Anita continually encourages me to continue using them. Some of them are affirmations, reading scriptures, having a creative project (knitting, scrap booking, etc.) and exercise. Thank you, Anita, for giving me back my life.

Ken H., Acupuncture

I have been coming to Anita for well over a year now. I must admit, when I began acupuncture treatment, it was purely to appease my wife. As usual, she was right and I’m glad I listened to her. I started going for one issue, but quickly learned it helped in other areas as well. When I mentioned I had just begun taking blood pressure medication (yet still has high readings), I was told that could be addressed as well. After only a couple of sessions, my BP was at normal 120/80. It was also recommended to me, that a massage might be a good option to help me with my stress and the chronic and constant neck pain I have had since 1994. I had even seen a chiropractor back in 1994, which did nothing to ease the pain. I took a 3 month break from acupuncture treatments, as I had an extremely busy schedule. I noticed my BP had returned to high levels, despite taking my meds. After only a few more acupuncture treatments, it is now back to normal again. Please do yourself a favor, and treat yourself to feeling better and I’m living proof that it works. Thank you Anita.

Carolyn P., Acupuncture

I have been going to Anita for approx. 2 years. I have gone to 2 other acupuncture clinics and Anita by far is the best. She has helped me with several different issues. Sleeping, digestion and pain management. All treatments have been very effective. After a facial surgery that results in a lot of post-op swelling I went for acupuncture every day for the first week. When I went to see my doctor for the 1-week post-op visit, the surgeon and office staff were amazed how little swelling and how quickly I healed. They told me that I was in the top 1% of their post-op patients and asked me what I did. I shared with them my acupuncture treatments. I know they are now recommending this to other patients. I believe that Anita is very professional, skilled and gifted in her profession. As a RN I have high expectations with my health providers and Anita exceeds and delivers every time.

Kaylin N., Acupuncture

I have been going to Anita for acupuncture for about a month. Each time I have worked with Anita, I honestly could not possibly give her a better review. If I could give six stars I would. Anita is just wonderful! She truly makes you feel like she cares about your overall well-being as a person and not only your medical progress. She has the biggest heart and it shows in the work she does. She really does go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy and comfortable at all times. If you are thinking about giving acupuncture a try, I strongly recommend going to see Anita.

L.S., Acupuncture

Anita, I have been meaning to email you the last few days… I’m Pregnant!!! I found out a few weeks ago and will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Mike and I are super excited, but cautiously so. It is just so surreal… I want to thank you for all your help. On top of all the acupuncture, you are such an amazing sounding board, resource and friend through the whole process. I cannot thank you enough. And don’t worry… I will definitely send you updates!

Heidi C., Acupuncture

I had been trying to get pregnant without success for a year and a half, when I came to a choice between learning about my body or face the low odds and high expense of in vitro fertilization. At age 41, I learned from a nutritionist that I needed to regulate my erratic menstrual cycle first. She put me on a couple herbal supplements and referred me to Metis Clinics. With Anita’s guidance and acupuncture therapy, I was able to stabilize my cycle, chart it, and more accurately predict when I ovulate. Five months later, I was pregnant. I had my baby girl 18 days ago and couldn’t be happier.

Martin F., Acupuncture

I was within a week of making an appointment to see a surgeon about carpal tunnel in my right wrist when I was introduced to Anita. At the time she was offering free half-hour acupuncture demonstrations at the fitness club I go to. I mentioned my carpal tunnel problem, she said she could help. By the end of that first demo session, my wrist was feeling better than it had in years. By the end of two appointments back in her clinic in Tigard, my pain was completely gone. That was four years ago and I am delighted to say the problem never has returned. Anita also has helped me with my horrible spring allergies (tree pollen). Almost all of the friends and family members I have sent her way also have come away with positive results. Anita is one of the most caring, conscientious, compassionate people I have ever met. And this, in part, is why she has such good results. Until I met her, I had never considered acupuncture; now that I have seen – and marveled- at what it can do, I consider this my first line of defense. I confess I don’t understand how it works but I can’t argue with success. It has been a simply amazing addition to my life. Thank you Anita for your hard work on behalf of myself and your other clients.

Cindy l., Acupuncture

I’ve been going to Anita for acupuncture for two years now, following an auto accident that left me with a lot of neck, back and arm pain. I’ve done physical therapy, chiropractic and massage for this pain; but acupuncture is what has really helped me to enjoy being pain-free more of the time. Nothing else helped or lasted. Anita has always been very caring and thorough. She listens well to what is hurting and treats me for my specific complaints. She also enlightened and encouraged me about my rights in regard to my claim with the other driver’s insurance and encouraged me to get legal assistance, for which I’m very grateful. This led to a settlement, which recouped all my medical expenses. I’m thankful I found Anita.

AB, Acupuncture

So glad I found Anita! I found Anita through Living Social. I have been back several times now and decided to share my opinion. Every person I have interacted with actually wants to be there and they want to help you feel your best. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone actually liked what they did for a living! My first impression gave me high expectations and I have not been disappointed since. I called during a Living Social deal frenzy and Tara blew me away. She treated me like I was the most important person she dealt with all day, even though she was juggling multiple phone calls at once, and she continues to do so every time I call. I have had years of acupuncture and massage therapy, so I’m picky and if I don’t have a great experience, I don’t go back. Anita checks to make sure I am comfortable and doing right several times during the session. I am especially impressed with Anita. She really know what she is doing and I always feel relaxed yet energized after a session. Try Anita for yourself.  When it comes to healthcare, it’s the practitioner’s abilities that counts. Anita also deserves 5 stars for her fantastic specials, which give people who may not have insurance or have tight budgets the opportunity to receive great, affordable care.

Melissa H., Acupuncture

In September 2010, I filed a worker’s compensation claim due to severe pain in both my hands and arms. My job required “HEAVY” computer usage, and I was diagnosed with sprains in both wrists and both elbows. The physician started to treat my case with high dosage of steroids and physical therapy. Within one week, my case had worsened to the point to where I struggled to do things like brush my teeth and comb my hair. Next the doctor cancelled physical therapy and sent to an occupation therapist. He also sent me home (against my wishes) with a myriad of medications: anti-inflammatory, pain medication, and sleep aides. One medication managed to cause an allergic reaction; while the others gave me nausea and made me sleepy. My pain levels were as high as 9 out of 10 with activity; my hands and arms had a burning sensation that traveled, and sometimes my fingers and thumbs got numb. After returning to the doctor, the medication was reduced, but the effects were the same. I pleaded with the physical allow me to try acupuncture. He agreed. When I began to see Anita, my case had been going for about seven weeks. I was taken off work completely and my pain levels were in the 8 to 9 range. Nothing I did seemed to bring me relief. Yet, almost immediately with my first treatment my pain level dropped by two points on the pain scale. The relief lasted a few hours, but it gave me hope. My treatment plan involved two to three visits per week beginning in October. In subsequent visits, the pain relief started to last for longer periods. Gradually the relief changed the pain that I was experiencing. First the burning went away. Then the sharp pain and numbness became dull. By early December acupuncture treatments allowed me to regain most of my independence. I was even able to occasionally cook for myself. Though, I had not recovered 100%, my case was deemed medically stationary. Anita continued to treat me after my case was closed. By the end of December, I was only seeing her twice per week and my pain levels were in the 4-6 range. By January, I reached a state of only minor pain discomfort, and she reduced visits to once weekly. I credit Anita with saving my livelihood. She allowed me to regain a healthy state of living by caring about me as a person.

Nancy L., Acupuncture

I just thought you’d like to know since I saw you earlier, my ankle/foot have been completely pain free!!!!! For the first time in 7 months I do not feel that tremendous ache and pain and can walk without the aid of the Ace bandage. I don’t know if this is due to Rajesh’s (physical therapy) zapping my scar or your placement of needles-whatever, it worked. You’ll have to write down what you did and repeat it on Thursday, okay?

Reddy M., Acupuncture

They have been very flexible and very accommodating appointments to fit my schedule. They are also open on Saturdays. Scheduling staff is very friendly and highly responsive. Their treatment worked very well for me on multiple occasions for migraines, arm injury, stress etc.. Anita is a very pleasant personality and tries to understand your issue and provides a holistic treatment. On a couple of recent occasions, Anita has treated me and her treatment was very effective for my migraines. Overall, I am very pleased and recommended Anita to my friends.

Shawn B., Acupuncture

Thanks again for all you have done-I feel you have improved things for me- my sciatica has come a long way! Or should I say almost gone away? Looking forward to the day I wake up and it’s all totally gone!

Lauren H., Acupuncture

I went to Anita as a result of a car accident. This was my first time ever going to Acupuncture and I have to be honest and say I was really skeptical. I didn’t think that the needles would take care of the pain that I had in my back. Much to my surprise, my pain in the lower back is gone. Anita was very upfront with me and told what she would suggest as a treatment plan and asked me how that felt to me. I was appreciative that she included me in this process so that I wasn’t side swiped into a long drawn out expensive treatment. She has been very diligent in making sure that I am course for healing, and if there was any concern that my back needed further treatment outside of acupuncture, she will be the first to let me know. This made me feel that I could trust her because she had my health in her best interest.

Pat M., Acupuncture

I have been to Anita for sciatica, knee pain, hips, and foot pain. Each time Anita brings down the pain with acupuncture and massage. When you pay for services out of pocket you want results and that is what I got. Anita is extremely bright and knows her stuff. She listens to you and shares suggestions that work, exercises and other therapy. I have been going to Anita for several months. I was not a believer before but have had my chronic pain relieved. It really works!! Anita is a great therapist, very bright and caring.

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