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Anita Tadavarthy MAcOM, LAc

I have a graduate degree in Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.   Trained by Dr. Richard Tan, I specialize in the Tung and Tan style acupuncture.  From the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, I also earned a BS in Commerce.

I ran a group of alternative medical or acupuncture clinics in Portland, Oregon, for many years.  As I got to know my patients, I appreciated their stories and did my best to help them along their path.  Before I had my clinics in Portland, I ran a free clinic in Repalle, India, with the help of my family and classmates.  Repalle’s closest major city is Hyderabad and it is my dad’s hometown.

In my life, I have performed over 40,000 acupuncture treatments.  I have also given sworn testimony for various court cases for my patients.  My patients have included members of the US Olympic team, NBA and NFL players.  I am also on faculty and teach at the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine.

Before I ran my clinics, I worked as a financial analyst at Nike Inc., Gap Inc. and Morgan Stanley & Co.  Recently, I worked as a Consultant helping companies with their financial systems.  I want to do acupuncture because it is the best way I know to help others.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, I was raised by my grandparents in Tenali, India, my mother’s hometown, till I was 5 years old.  After returning to the US, to just outside of Washington DC, I grew up with my brother and my parents.

Click Here for A News Article About The Free Clinic Ran by Anita Tadavarthy in Repalle, India


Acupuncture Specialties Springfield Virginia

Pain Management
Women’s Health, Infertility, & Menopause
Allergies & Sinusitis

$95 per treatment (Private Pay)

$130 per treatment (Auto Accidents, Worker's Comp)

We provide itemized statements for insurance reimbursement. We accept health savings, flex spending, credit cards, debit cards, checks and/or cash. 

Learn What Acupuncture Can Treat

Acupuncture for Auto Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of musculoskeletal pain.  Acupuncture can effectively treat pain. If you’ve been involved in an automobile collision, you have options to get care.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance covers any medical bills resulting from the motor vehicle accident. Most importantly, you can seek care from the health care practitioner of your choice, including acupuncturists.

Motor vehicle accidents almost always result in back injuries.  People often won’t feel pain right away, but might start to experience symptoms a few days after the accident.

Acupuncture relieves pain by releasing endorphins in the brain that block the transmission of pain signals.  This reduces inflammation and calms the nervous system. It helps the body relax and stimulates the healing processes.

Acupuncture for Worker’s Comp

Accidents and injuries happen on the job all too often. Whether it’s heavy machinery malfunctions, or hand, arm, wrist, and back pain from long-term desk and computer work, every job has its aches and pains. Sometimes a slip, fall, or strain can lead to immediate acute pain. Other times, it may slowly build into progressive discomfort.  With many people spending most of their waking hours on the job, it’s important that the bases are covered to ensure sustained health and safety.

Any medical bills resulting from a work accident or injury are paid for by Worker’s Compensation insurance.  As an effective means for treating pain, may policies will cover acupuncture treatments.

We can help navigate the process with the insurance companies so that you can focus on your treatments and the process of getting better.

Guided Meditation

Meditation can manage all the emotions of life such as anxiety, worry and fear. Come learn calming techniques and ways to clear your emotions to live a happier, healthier life. Come join us for guided meditation events held regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Acupuncture? +

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the specific points on the bodies surface. These points are located along the body meridians (or channels) to conduct and regulate the Qi (vital energy) flow in the whole body. Acupuncture focuses on correcting imbalances of energy in the body..

Is Acupuncture Painful? +

Generally, patients feel no pain. What patients experience varies depending on the individuals and the points of insertion. While most patients feel a minimal sensation as the needles are inserted, some feel none. People may experience soreness, numbness, heaviness, and tightness locally or spreading along the meridian when the needle is manipulated.

How Many Treatments Will Be Required? +

Patients usually notice the benefits within the first 1-3 treatments. Acupuncture’s effectiveness typically builds upon each previous treatment. The number of treatments varies from one person to the next, depending on their particular condition. Acute problems may require only a few treatments, while more complex and chronic conditions may initially require one or two treatments a week, decreasing in frequency as conditions improve. Many choose to continue acupuncture on a less frequent basis for overall health, wellness, and relaxation. Others come back as needed when new health issues arise. We provide individualized treatment plans to suit your needs.

Are The Needles Clean And Safe? +

Acupuncture needles are made from stainless steel and are very fine. They are delivered in a factory sealed package and are sterilized before use. After use, the needles are disposed of into bio-hazard sharps containers. We never reuse needles.

What Conditions Does Acupuncture Treat? +

For a complete list of conditions treated by acupuncture visit our conditions page Here.


I have found Anita to be a caring acupuncturist. She has always taken her time to talk with me and learn what I need. Anita has helped relieve me of neck and back pain and given me treatments for well being. It’s been exciting to see her grow. I’m grateful for her healing touch and readily recommend her for those who need such help.

Patty B., Acupuncture

I have been a patient of Anita’s for 2 years. She has given me back my life. I have struggled with depression ever since I moved to Oregon from California over 20 years ago. I have tried several psychiatrists with no help and have been on & off medication for 15 years which has helped to some degree. Anita’s method of helping me has been wonderful. Along with the acupuncture she has given me “tools” to help me get rid of the depression. At first, I was going to her every week, now I go in for a “tune up” every 2-3 months. It is so wonderful. About 1 to 2 days after a treatment I start feeling this wonderful feeling going through my whole body, but especially in my head. When I have a stressful day, I am able to handle the stress within hours instead of it bringing back any depression. The tools I mentioned are things we have created together, and Anita continually encourages me to continue using them. Some of them are affirmations, reading scriptures, having a creative project (knitting, scrap booking, etc.) and exercise. Thank you, Anita, for giving me back my life.

Pat, Acupuncture

I have been coming to Anita for well over a year now. I must admit, when I began acupuncture treatment, it was purely to appease my wife. As usual, she was right and I’m glad I listened to her. I started going for one issue, but quickly learned it helped in other areas as well. When I mentioned I had just begun taking blood pressure medication (yet still has high readings), I was told that could be addressed as well. After only a couple of sessions, my BP was at normal 120/80. It was also recommended to me, that a massage might be a good option to help me with my stress and the chronic and constant neck pain I have had since 1994. I had even seen a chiropractor back in 1994, which did nothing to ease the pain. I took a 3 month break from acupuncture treatments, as I had an extremely busy schedule. I noticed my BP had returned to high levels, despite taking my meds. After only a few more acupuncture treatments, it is now back to normal again. Please do yourself a favor, and treat yourself to feeling better and I’m living proof that it works. Thank you Anita.

Ken H., Acupuncture

I have been going to Anita for approx. 2 years. I have gone to 2 other acupuncture clinics and Anita by far is the best. She has helped me with several different issues. Sleeping, digestion and pain management. All treatments have been very effective. After a facial surgery that results in a lot of post-op swelling I went for acupuncture every day for the first week. When I went to see my doctor for the 1-week post-op visit, the surgeon and office staff were amazed how little swelling and how quickly I healed. They told me that I was in the top 1% of their post-op patients and asked me what I did. I shared with them my acupuncture treatments. I know they are now recommending this to other patients. I believe that Anita is very professional, skilled and gifted in her profession. As a RN I have high expectations with my health providers and Anita exceeds and delivers every time.

Carolyn P., Acupuncture
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