Anita Tadavarthy MAcOM, LAc

I have a graduate degree in Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.   Trained by Dr. Richard Tan, I specialize in the Tung and Tan style acupuncture.  From the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, I also earned a BS in Commerce.

I ran a group of alternative medical or acupuncture clinics in Portland, Oregon, for many years.  As I got to know my patients, I appreciated their stories and did my best to help them along their path.  Before I had my clinics in Portland, I ran a free clinic in Repalle, India, with the help of my family and classmates.  Repalle’s closest major city is Hyderabad and it is my dad’s hometown.

In my life, I have performed over 40,000 acupuncture treatments.  I have also given sworn testimony for various court cases for my patients.  My patients have included members of the US Olympic team, NBA and NFL players.  I am also on faculty and teach at the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine.

Before I ran my clinics, I worked as a financial analyst at Nike Inc., Gap Inc. and Morgan Stanley & Co.  Recently, I worked as a Consultant helping companies with their financial systems.  I want to do acupuncture because it is the best way I know to help others.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, I was raised by my grandparents in Tenali, India, my mother’s hometown, till I was 5 years old.  After returning to the US, to just outside of Washington DC, I grew up with my brother and my parents.

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