Y: Yellow Stools

Patient presented with sudden digestive upset. After every meal, she was having urgent stools which were loose and yellow in color. She also complained of cramping, gas and bloating all day long. This was happening frequently though out the week. The patient has a history of gallbladder removal 4 years prior to coming to the clinic. She also has a history of upset stomach when her stress levels were higher.

Upon palpation, the patient had a tender abdomen, especially in the lower quadrants. She complained of pain with touch.

The goal of her acupuncture treatment was to soothe the Gallbladder, Stomach, Spleen and Liver channels. The treatment not only focused on digestion, but also to help alleviate her stress.

The patient came in once per week for four weeks. After the fourth treatment, she was down to having only two urgent bowel movements and one yellow stool in the week. By the sixth treatment, her stools were not urgent and they were more formed. The cramping was also barely noticeable. By the eighth treatment, the cramping was also resolved.

We recommended that she continue to come in for acupuncture as needed to maintain her proper digestion. We also recommend a food journal and possible food elimination diet to help determine if there are certain foods that cause a reaction.  She continues to come in about once a month for care and maintenance.

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