X: Xiphoid (Chest) Pain

A busy and stressed doctor came in complaining of chest discomfort.  She had extensive labs, scans and work completed at her place of employment.  The findings did not conclude any disorder and/or disease.

Upon examination, the chest discomfort appeared to be over the Heart, on the lateral left side of her sternum and xiphoid.  Upon questioning, we discovered that this doctor’s stress level was high as she was about to take her final medical boards and was contemplating a potential relocation with her boyfriend.

We needed to calm the Liver channel, which rules stress and emotions, and also harmonize the Stomach and Kidney channels, which govern the area of complaint.

After four months of acupuncture at twice a week, then to once a week and finally once a month, the discomfort occurred less frequently.  We urged the patient to incorporate meditation, yoga and affirmations into her life daily to manage the stress.  We believe this busy doctor suffered from panic attacks and with some lifestyle changes; she was able to enjoy a better life.

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