W: Whiplash

The patient came in with her son after they were in a motor vehicle accident. The family was traveling in their SUV on the freeway when they were rear-ended by another SUV traveling approximately 65mph.

The patient complained of moderate to severe neck pain due to whiplash. She and her son had been examined by a nearby urgent care and presented with soft tissue and muscle strains.

Upon palpation, the patients cervical ESGs and Scalene muscles were extremely tight and ropey to touch.

The primary affected channels were the Du, Bladder, Stomach and Large Intestine channels. We also decided to balance the Gallbladder, Triple Warmer and Small Intestine channels to further support and strengthen the back and neck since the speed at which the accident occurred was so great.

We asked that the patient receive weekly acupuncture and massage treatment. After care for a few months, the patients’ neck pain reduced to mild.  The patient reports that her results have maintained for the past couple of years and thus no longer comes in for care.

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