U: Uterus Support

Patient came in with moderate to severe lower abdominal cramping with menstrual bleeding every two weeks.

Upon questioning, we discovered that the patient began to bleed every two weeks after her Depo-Provera birth control shot that she had a few months ago. The patient reported that her menstrual flow was a light red to pink color and that there was consistent flow for five days every two weeks.

We needed to bring balance to her hormones by balancing the Spleen and Triple Warmer channels. In addition, we needed to tonify the blood and strengthen the Qi or life force. We also needed to balance the Stomach, Liver and Kidney channels which govern the uterus and reproduction organs.

After six weeks of biweekly acupuncture treatment, the time between the patient’s menstrual cycles began to lengthen and within a few months, her period was regulated to a monthly cycle and her abdominal cramping disappeared.

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