T: Thyroid Support & Fatigue

The patient came into the clinic presenting with extreme fatigue. The patient generally is a very active person who owns her own business. She was troubled by her lack of energy and drive.

Upon examination and questioning, we uncovered that she had blood tests done which showed low thyroid levels. We asked her to check-in with her doctor and monitor her thyroid levels during her acupuncture course.

We performed acupuncture twice weekly to balance her thyroid and endocrine function. Specifically, we balanced the Stomach, Spleen and Triple Warmer channels.

After two months of acupuncture, the patient began to enjoy her normal level of activity. In time, her thyroid levels returned to normal.  The patient continues to come in weekly, not for fatigue, but rather for her aches and pains as she is Muay Thai martial arts fighter.

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