N: Neck Pain

Patient came into the clinic presenting with neck pain due to a motor vehicle accident. She complained of pain that started in the back of her head and radiated along the side of her neck and along her spine.

Upon palpation, the patient had very tight scalene and cervical ESGs. It was also apparent that her spine was out of alignment from C2-C4. Her range of motion was also limited.

The goal of the acupuncture treatment was to help soothe the Gallbladder, Bladder, Large Intestine and Kidney channels and to relieve pain.

After the fourth acupuncture treatment, the patient felt that the pain and tightness was about 50% better than when she first came in.  By the tenth treatment, she felt that she was 85% better and her range of motion was almost within normal limit again.  Upon palpation, her spine was also back in alignment.

The patient was encouraged to continue with weekly treatments until she had no pain left in her neck. She was also encouraged to do stretching throughout the day, every day and to have massages at least once a month.

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