M: Menopause Support

Patient presented with pre-menopausal symptoms. She was experiencing moderate hot flashes at night, fatigue and feeling “foggy headed.” She had been having up to three hot flashes a night for a couple of months, when she came into the clinic.  Her sleep was disrupted, causing her to feel less energy in the day than she was used to.

Upon observation and questioning, this patient was in good physical health, ate well and exercised. She had a fairly regular night time ritual and dealt with mild-moderate day to day stress.

The goal of her acupuncture treatment was to regulate her hormones by nourishing the Heart, Spleen and Triple Warmer channels, as well as calming the Shen or mind.

The patient was asked to come in to the clinic two times per week for acupuncture treatment, until her hot flashes where either gone or very mild.

After the sixth treatment, the patient reported no hot flashes for a week. We then recommended one treatment per week until her hot flashes resolved. Within three weeks, her hot flashes were non-existent.

We continued to work on sleep and fatigue, as her insomnia seemed to remain, even without the hot flashes. We recommended her to take a Chinese herbal supplement, Suan Zao Ren Wan, and for her to come in for acupuncture once a week. Within two weeks of taking the herbs, her sleep was regulated and her fatigue was resolved.

We recommended continuation of the Chinese herbs and to come in about once a month for acupuncture to maintain her results.

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