L: Leg Pain (Shin Splints)

Patient came into the clinic presenting with shin splints due to playing indoor soccer for many hours a week. He was having moderate to severe pain and cramping in both of his legs.  He complained of tightness and pain in his calves and feet. He rated the pain as a 7/10.

Upon palpation, this patient had very tight shins and gastrocnemius muscles. There was slight swelling in both of his ankles and the arch of both feet.

The goal of this acupuncture treatment was to soothe the Liver and Bladder channels.

The patient was advised to come in twice a week until his pain and cramping subsided to a mild level. After the 8th treatment, he was no longer having cramping in his legs and the pain was minimal.

We advised the patient to ease back into his regular activity and let his body have some time to adjust to the high activity level. We also advised he purchase more supportive running shoes, stretch before and after each match and do Epsom salt baths after a game. We asked him to come in once a month or as needed, depending on his activity level.

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