K: Knee Pain

Patient came in presenting with bilateral knee pain due to long distance running. He was an avid runner who frequently ran marathons. The pain was on the inside and down the middle of each knee. The pain was worse with running and walking and he rated the pain at a moderate level.

Upon observation and palpation, the patient’s knees were slightly swollen on the medial side of each knee. There was no discoloration or heat radiating from either knee. The range of motion was within the normal limits.

The goal of his acupuncture treatment was to tonify the Spleen, Liver and Stomach channels.

The patient was advised to come in twice a week until the pain was at a mild level. He was also advised to limit his activity level until his pain was at a mild level. After the patient’s 7th visit, his pain was at a mild level and his swelling was gone.

The patient continued to come in once a month for preventative care. We advised him to take Epsom salt baths after long or strenuous runs and to ice when there was any inflammation.

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