H: Headaches & Migraines

The patient came into the clinic presenting with migraines that occurred on average two times per week. Her migraines always presented behind her eyes and into her forehead. She had nausea and light sensitivity with her migraines. She believed that the migraines were due to stress and clenching her jaw. She rated her migraines at an 8/10, when they were at their worst.  She also complained of daily headaches, that she rated as a 3-4/10.

Upon observation and palpation, the patient had frontal and vertex headaches.  Her forehead and the top of her head were sensitive to touch. Her jaw was also very tight upon palpation.

The goal of her acupuncture treatment was to calm the Bladder and Gallbladder channels and to calm the Shen (mind).

The patient came in twice a week for two weeks. After the fourth treatment, her daily headaches were almost completely gone and she had only had one migraine. She continued with twice weekly treatments for two more weeks and by the sixth treatment, her headaches and migraines were gone.

We recommended that the patient continue with one treatment per week for two more weeks and make sure that her migraines and headaches did not return. She now continues with treatment at least once a month as preventative care.

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