F: Fertility

Patient presented with fertility concerns. Patient was a 40 year-old women who fell in love a little later in life. She and her husband were trying to get pregnant for the past year or so.

With questioning, we discovered that the patient never had a regular menstrual cycle in her adult life. We understood that she currently had a 45 day cycle since she went off the pill a year or so ago. Before this, she had been on the pill previously for about 20 years.

For reproduction and the reproductive organs, we balanced the Liver, Kidney and Stomach channels. We also addressed the Spleen and Triple Warmer channels to bring balance to the endocrine function and hormone production.

After six months of acupuncture at once to twice weekly, the patient was not pregnant but had a 33 day cycle where the hormones were better balanced and ovulation occurred regularly, which was understood through charting by temperature.

Approximately a year after the first acupuncture treatment, the patient contacted us on New Year’s Day and joyfully exclaimed that she was pregnant. The patient and baby enjoyed a healthy pregnancy and birth.

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