D: Depression/Sadness

Patient came in presenting with feelings of sadness and grief due to the recent loss of her husband. She said that she constantly felt angry, guilty and anxious. She had a hard time sleeping as well.

From an objective perspective, the patient looked tired and sad. She cried almost the entire intake and had a very shaky and quiet voice. She seemed a bit lost and deflated.

The goal of this treatment was to nourish the Heart and Lung, soothe the Liver and calm the Spleen channels, as well as relieve anxiety, anger and grief.

The acupuncture treatment was to come in two times per week, until her feelings of sadness lessened. By the fourth treatment, the patient no longer felt angry and her sadness was lessoned by 50%. By the sixth treatment, her feelings of guilt were gone and she felt much less anxious.

The patient was encouraged to continue acupuncture treatments until her feelings of sadness and anxiety was completely gone. She was also encouraged to try Chinese herbs for her sleep and anxiety.

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