C: Constipation

Patient came in presenting with moderate constipation. She was only able to have a bowel movement once every three days or so. The bowel movements (BM) did not feel complete and in addition were hard and caused straining, which had led to hemorrhoids. The patient complained of bloating and gas as well.

Upon palpation, the patient had a tender abdominal area that was sensitive to touch.  Specifically, the abdomen was hard below the belly button.

The goal of the acupuncture treatment for this patient was to nourish the Stomach, Spleen and Kidney channels and to relieve the constipation.

The patient was asked to come in two to three times per week for the first two weeks. After the fourth treatment, the patient was having a BM every other day. By the eighth treatment, she was having one BM daily, the bloating and gas was gone and her hemorrhoids had shrunk. By the tenth treatment, her hemorrhoids were gone as well.

The patient was encouraged to continue with monthly acupuncture treatments to maintain her results and to come in sooner if she noticed her constipation returning. She was also encouraged to increase her water and fiber intake and monitor her diet as well.

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