A: Allergies

Patient presented with red, “bloodshot” eyes every pollen season. During the spring as the pollen count increases, the patient not only experiences “bloodshot” eyes with swelling and pus but also has severe nose bleeds.

With examination, it appears that the patient’s eyes are irritated and the ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses are affected and congested by the pollen.

The goal of the acupuncture treatment is to increase blood flow to the Gallbladder and Bladder channels which govern the eyes and ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses.

The patient was asked to come in twice weekly during pollen season. With the acupuncture, the patient has fewer days with “bloodshot” eyes and discomfort and fewer episodes of noise bleeds.

It is important to note that thru the years, this patient comes in less and less during the pollen season. Every acupuncture treatment releases various endorphins and these endorphins build the immunity resulting in fewer symptoms and episodes thru the years.

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